Easiest Way to Get a Car Transparent Background

Car transparent background give you flexibility to use any digital background on your images.Automotive dealer photographer taken car photos from random background which is not good for selling.If you want to make your car photo looks awesome and  attractive to the customers , you have to change the car raw background.Also it will  help you add different background on your photos.

Before starting transparent your car photo background we have some procedure to do that.We have a service call car background replacement you can take it and make your automotive photos looks good.Here are couple of services which help you to make your car dealer photo attractive to the customer.

Procedure to make a car transparent background.

Step -1 : Open the amazing photo editing tool Photoshop and place your photo on it.Take a look on this photo and find out where you want to start the path.Oh, you can’t use other selection tool like lasso tool.You have to use pen tool to make clipping path better.Select whole car by clipping via pen tool.Be careful when you will be clip on wheel,make selection round as wheels ares.Clipping path is the important part of transparent car background.

Step-2 : Select path holding ctrl and click on your selected path.use feather 0.5 and press the delete.

Step : 3 . Now it’s time to add shadow on under the car.If you take photo in the outside you have to add a shadow.

Step-4 : Now time to add custom background behind the car.You can digital backgrounding using custom dealer background and place others background.

Why do you need car transparent background ?

As I told you a transparent  car background give your flexibility to use on any background.
Here are couple of point that can make sense to transparent car background

  • Place on varieties of background or dealer storefront
  • Change the angle position
  • Help to make car small and big
  • Car Background Replacement
  • Help to car photography retouching

Who is the best transparent car background service provider?

CarPhotoFix helping to the car photographer and automotive dealer since 2014 , to make their automotive inventory photos looks good and attractive to the customers.We are the best in car background replacement and car images editing services.

Why did you choose us for car transparent background service?

We are professional car photo editing service provider and we have experienced automotive photo designer.We deliver 100% quality vehicle background replacement also known as car background transparent service.

  • Delivery within 24hrs
  • 2000+ images daily production
  • Unlimited Revision
  • Emergency car photo editing service (Delivery with in 6 hrs)
  • 30 minutes quick customer support

Here is the quick way to getting our car transparent background service.Just send us a free trial request, we will edit your car photos free of cost.If you love our work then you can send us regular car images to edit them from our company

Car Transparent Background Pricing

We are offering affordable car photo editing service with transparent background .Our car photography editing service start from $0.50 depend on quantity of images and delivery duration. Normally we delivery images with 12-24 hrs. (Same day ).Car Photo Fix always try to give their best service to car dealer or photographer. If you need to upload photos in your online inventory , we are ready to assist you. We are offering 30% discount for every service if you want to be our permanent customer.



For permanent customer : If you give us 10,000+ photos per month then price will be $0.45/Photo



For permanent customer : If you give us 10,000+ photos per month then price will be $0.85/Photo



For permanent customer : If you give us 10,000+ photos per month then price will be $2.50/Photo

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