Car Background Removal

Car Background Replacement Service by Expert Photoshop Editor

Are you looking for a car background photo editor? By removing an ugly background from your car picture can make the image look cool. At CarPhotoFix, we specialize in car background removal services, transforming ordinary car photos into high-quality images that captivate and convert.

Why Car Background Removal is Crucial

The first impression is often the last impression, especially in the competitive world of automotive sales. A cluttered or unattractive background can distract potential buyers and diminish the overall appeal of your car photos. By utilizing our car background removal and car background editing services, you can ensure that your vehicles stand out, look professional, and attract more customers.

car background removal service by car photo fix
car background removal service for car dealership (2)
car background removal service for car dealership (3)
car background removal service for car dealership (3)

How does it work?

Upload Your Images

We accept images in JPG, PNG and RAW formats.

Photo Editing

Choose a background then we will edit them perfectly.

Downloads Your Images

After editing images we will send you within 3-6hrs to download them.

By utilizing our car background remover technique and expert editing car background service, you can ensure that your vehicles stand out, look professional, and attract more customers.

What we do in car background swap service ?

Clipping Path : To remove unwanted object and raw background , we need to clipping path on your photo. We do perfect edge vehicle clipping path . 100% hand clipping path on Photoshop. Our car photo editor master on this ! 

Shadow Making : During the car background replacement, we will add a custom automotive shadow under the car to look realistic. A perfect shadow placing can make your car photo very much interesting than the normal photo. This is an vital part of car background replacement and removal service.

Car Photo Editing Service by CarPhotoFix

Sharpening: Automotive photo Sharpening is also important for vehicle background replacement and retouching. Car photo Sharpening can highlight the line in your car then your photo looking quality may increase.

Adding Custom Background : Adding a custom dealer or digital background your photos can be more attractive. Also, adding a digital background can help you to make your dealer branding. You can add there dealer contact info. such as location , phone number and more.

Who Can Benefit from Car Background Removal Services?

1. Car Dealers:

Car dealers can significantly benefit from our car background photo editor services. Clean, professional images help in making a great first impression and attracting more customers. Our services help dealers present their inventory in the best possible light.

2. Automotive Photographers:

Professional photographers can enhance their portfolio by using our car background removal and car background replacement services. High-quality, edited photos can make your work stand out and attract more clients.

3. Online Marketplaces:

If you are selling cars on online platforms, our car background editing services can make your listings more appealing. Better photos can lead to higher engagement and quicker sales.

4. Car Enthusiasts:

Even if you are an individual looking to showcase your car, our car photo editing service can help you create stunning images that you can proudly share on social media or forums.

FAQ About Car Background Removal

 Yes, We are providing bulk car background replacement service since 2014. We have masters on automotive photo editing service. 

CarPhotoFix customers representative will give you an access of Google Drive Folder. You may upload and download from there . If you want , you can add your team into that folder. If you have already a folder. Please share with us .

Some of auto background remover tool offering background removal services for car dealership but it’s can’t meet the dealer goal. Tool can’t clip perfect edge clipping , on the other hand we do 100% perfect edge clipping. Although car background removal tool can’t add shadow under the car. Our experts can add different types of shadow under your car like natural , drop and reflection. 

We take payment on weekly / monthly basis. After end of the month/week we will send a invoice copy with payment link. You can pay us via Master Card , PayPal , Bank Transfer , Westerns  Union.

Yes, we do. We have 3 shifts duty team . Who are always ready to help you !