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Outstanding Car Background Replacement and Removal Service

Car images background replacement is vital and necessary service to automotive dealer.Not only important for automobile dealer also important to the automotive photographer.Car Photographer and dealer wants to look their car images interesting to the customer. But it’s difficult to capture a good looking picture from anywhere.You can’t take a perfect photo by adjusting your lighting and lens.So, we are offering you Vehicles background replacement .In this service we will change your raw photo background to custom background.

Image background replacement service for cars:

Automotive background removal can make a car eye catchy and attract visitor or customer at a glance.This service can make your automotive photo suitable for placing. You can add this photo on your website or   360 view system or anywhere you want.Take our car images background replacement service and get an outstanding looking automotive photo.We are offering faster delivery service.We can send your images to us via FTP,We transfer,Dropbox,Google Drive etc.If you have large quality of photo then contact with us ,we will give you FTP service for uploading photos.

Automotive photo background replacement service included:

automotive background change

We are providing car photo  background replacement service.In this service mainly we will change your automotive background photo.You can able to add any custom or dealer template behind the car photo.If you want you can add high-resolution natural background photo.Branding is most important for the automotive business.In automotive background replacement service, we will add an automotive dealer tag.As you can see in the images. There will be your dealer information at a glance.You can say this is an complete automotive dealer image solutions .

Vehicle Background replacement service at a glace:

Shadow Making : During the car background replacement, we will add a custom automotive shadow under the car for looking more eye cache.A perfect shadow placing can make your car photo very much interesting than the normal photo.This is an vital part of car background replacement and removal.

Color Correction : Color correction is one of important part in automotive background replacement service. We need to adjust color based on your providing dealer or custom templates. Automotive photography retouching can make your car photo wonderful.

Sharpening: Automotive photo Sharpening is also important for vehicle background replacement and retouching.Car photo Sharpening can highlight the line in your car then your photo looking quality may increase.

Car Background change: As I told earlier we will remove your car background from row background and add custom dealer templates. Vehicle background replacement services add custom car background and dealer tag on the  photo.

Logo  Add : Yes, we can add your logo on your photo.

Do you provide bulk car background replacement service?

Of course! We are the outsource automotive bulk photo editing service provider. We are providing bulk car background replacement service with a long-term business deal.You have experienced automotive photo editor. We have any quantity for daily images production.

Do you provide a discount for bulk car photo editing?
Yes, We do. If you need a discount for car background to replace and removal service then contact us.

Car Photo Editing Services Pricing

We are offering affordable car photo editing service.Our car photography retouching start from $0.50 depend on the service and quantity of images.Car Photo Fix always try to give their best service to customer.If you need to upload photos in your inventory application,we are ready to assist you.We are offering 30% discount for every service if you want to be our permanent customer.


  • Clipping Path
  • Background Removal
  • White Background
  • Custom Template Adding


For permanent customer : If you give us 10,000+ photos per month the we will give $0.40/Photo


  • Clipping Path
  • Background Removal
  • White Background
  • Custom Template Adding
  • Shadow Making
  • Pro Retouching


For permanent customer : If you give us 10,000+ photos per month the we will give $0.75/Photo


  • Advanced Retouching
  • Reflection Shadow
  • Unlimited Revision


For permanent customer : If you give us 10,000+ photos per month the we will give $4.50/Photo